Farmers’ Markets, Cottage Food & Food Processing Establishments

Are you a farmers’ market vendor with temperature sensitive or cottage food products? Are you a Sanitarian assigned to inspect farmers’ markets? This presentation is for you.

The slide show presentation without audio from the session on Cottage Food regulation for farmers' markets and food production facilities. The session organized by Ohio's Farmers' Market Management Network (FMMN) and presented by Ohio Department of Agriculture on 03-19-2012. The session covers food safety and labeling requirements for home produced food to be sold at farmers' markets in Ohio. Learn what foods can be produced at home and which require a licensed facility and requirements for Market Managers. 28 minutes.

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What foods are included in the Cottage Food Rule? Read the document from the ODA.


This presentation is provided free to the public as a service of the Farmers' Market Management Network, a non-profit cooperative of Ohio farmers' markets and vendors. Please consider supporting our work by becoming a member of FMMN.  The Farmers' Market Handbook is also a great resource for managers and producers. Order your copy online.