Policy and Regulation

Ohio Action Alert Two weeks ago, the House passed its spending bill (“continuing resolution”) for Fiscal Year 11 – the year we’re in right now. Their bill would cut over $5.2 BILLION from agriculture – a disproportionate share of the budget! (a 22% cut, compared with 6% from other sectors.) […]

House Spending Bill Cuts Small Ag Funding

President Obama signed the Food Safety Modernization Act today, after a long bout of legislative wrangling by local food advocates, small farmers and their allies for food safety rules that protect consumers without curbing the growing movement toward fresh, local and regional food.  The food safety bill passed by the […]

Good News for Local Food

From National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition  *Food Safety Informational Alert October 1, 2010 * Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) signaled his intent late Wednesday night to move the Food Safety Modernization Act forward when Congress returns to session in mid-November. The bill, which has strong bi-partisan support, has been held […]

Food Safety Informational Alert October 1, 2010