Farmers’ Market Stall Tips that Sell

market stand marketing

How you present your product can make the difference in your sales. You want to get the attention of the customer and make it easy for them to shop at your stall. Here are some tips that will help you make the sale.

Display a banner with your farm name, logo and website. Choose a size that fits along the front lip of your canopy.

Choose a white or creamy tones for your canopy. Light colors will reflect a glow and warmer tone over the products within it and also simulate airiness and wide space. Steer away from black, red, orange, and other bright hues.

Use light colors for your table coverings, neutral colors let your products stand out.  Make sure your linens are clean.

Consolidate items as they are sold to give the appearance of abundance, even when there is not stand marketing

Pile produce up. Tilt the containers. Have it artfully "spill over" from nice containers. Get produce out of tubs and boxes.

Bring your table in a few feet to give sought after shade or shelter from rain. Customers will hang out in front of your booth.

Offer samples of your best product. Don't put out a tray of toothpicks, people will grab one and be gone. Give one slice at a time, possibly from your own gloved hand or tongs with enough time to say 3 things about the product.

Place an eye-catching conversation starter, a large pumpkin, a creative way to display them. Make a focal point to draw people in.

Place signs on your tent legs right at eye-level. Use the space for photos of the farm and to highlight what makes your products special.

While it is important to display prices, let your customers admire your product before seeing the price.

Always make eye contact, use a hat or visor instead of sunglasses.

Educate customers about the varieties, how they are grown, etc. Offer recipes and  tips on how to cook or freeze food. Explain how to make items last longer. Customers will buy signs

Keep all products and information at or above table level. Anything below that will be hidden or damaged by baby carriages, dogs, etc.

Walk in front of your stand and look behind you, hide any unsightly boxes, carts or props out of sight.

Avoid sitting. It makes you look bored and unengaged. If you cannot stand use a tall stool.

Offer a free re-usable tote bag with a minimum purchase or sell for a low price. Have your logo and company name on the bag.

Give away a free magazine with a minimum purchase. Many magazine publishers will donate several copies to hand out at your booth to target readers. Stack them visibly with a sign that advertises the giveaway.

Create and print out cute coloring sheets that parents will want to hang on their fridge or bring back to you at the following market.

Reduce transaction time and increase per customers spending by having some items pre-weighed,  pre-packaged, or in family sized packs.

Don't create a "U" design. people will feel trapped to a sale and won't care to see the products at the far end.

Bundle variety packs of your products to get customers to try many of your items. They'll come back for a favorite.


Download our Fact Sheet with this information to print and share. fmmn-factsheet-market-stall