FMMN To Spotlight Successful Ohio Markets

The Farmers' Market Management Network wants to tell the story of successful markets . FMMN will take nominations to shine a spotlight on the markets who are achieving their missions particularly well, even in smaller communities. To celebrate National Farmers Market Week, August 7-13 we will be selecting six (6) markets around Ohio to feature.

Does your market excel at one or more of the following?:

  • Number of farmers or acreage of farmland in production for the market
  • Innovative community partnership (eg with local nonprofit, hospital,school, etc.)
  • Strong integrity around concept of locally grown/enforcement ofproducer-only rules
  • Measurable economic impact (to rural producers and/or to region at large,with SEED or other economic analysis)
  • Engagement opportunities for children
  • A role as a small business incubator (eg part time farmers becoming full time)
  • SNAP/EBT redemption growth
  • At least eight months into a successful FMPP grant
  • Wide product diversity/preservation of heirloom varieties
  • Instances of civic engagement and volunteerism

Nominate an exceptional market by July 15, 2011.  Tell us in an e-mail.