Franklin County Market Holds Promotion for OEFFA Member Farms

Posted on behalf of Prairie Farmers Market.  Contact Harley Yerkes for details: 614.853.0278

The Prairie Farmers Market has been expanded, and is offering FREE FARM AND PRODUCT PROMOTION space for specialty crop growers, producers of organic red meat, poultry meat and eggs, and other farm products.  The offer is being offered exclusively to OEFFA members.

The promotional event will take place Saturday July 2, and Saturday July 9 between 8 AM and 12 PM.  Growers are encouraged to come out and advertise your farm and farm products! The Farmers Market will provide a single 20'x 22' parking lot space where vendors are permitted to park, set up tail-gate or table top display, and advertise their product.
Please note: no items requiring refrigeration may be sold, unless previous arrangements with Harley have been made.  This event is intended to provide a free promotional venue for OEFFA members.

Actual sales of meat, eggs and poultry are not permitted, but advertising and provision of directions to your farm are encouraged.