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It's official. The new Ohio Dept. of Ag Cottage food rules were released. The rules now allows for a variety of new foods to be home produced, without the need for an inspected commerical kitchen.  This opens up opportunities for small food producers to expand into new areas with little overhead cost.  It also expands new products available to consumers at farmers' markets.

The new rules are available in (pdf document) at the ODA web site: New Cottage Food Rules.

The current food saftey rules ORC 3715 can be found here.


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      The typical buckeye peanut butter and chocolate confection is considered a cottage food and as such you can produce it in your home kitchen.

      Here are the labeling requirements:

      Cottage Food Products may only be sold in Ohio. Cottage Food Products that are properly identified and labeled may be sold:

      1. directly to the consumer from the site where the products are produced
      2. sold through grocery stores
      3. farm markets
      4. farmers markets
      5. sold and/or used in preparing food in a restaurant

      The above info is from this Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Fact Sheet.

      It is a good idea to check with the ODA to make sure your particular recipe qualifies as a cottage food.
      Contact ODA Division of Food Safety: 1-800-282-1955 Ext 4366; Email: foodsafety@agri.ohio.gov

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